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Inner Peace


Ahhhh….Inner peace…Something we all strive for…But it requires us to do something, and for many people, it’s not that easy. But here’s what we need to do.

  • We need to know ourselves by looking within and become conscious of our thoughts.  Our thoughts create our reality. Treat yourself as if you are your best friend. Stop beating yourself up. If you need to forgive yourself for something, do it.
  • Get rid of thoughts of “lack”  and stop focusing on what you don’t have.  Rather, give thanks for what you do have.
  • We need to stop pointing the finger “out there” and know that there are three fingers pointing back at us. Relationships are mirrors. What we judge is often something we don’t like about ourselves.  ‘All that I see, I am.’  If you can see it, you have it, too. Embrace light and dark as equal.
  • If you still hold anger or resentment for someone who has “harmed” you, forgive them.  It doesn’t mean you condone what they had done; but it gives you freedom and releases the toxins that are “eating you alive.”

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Take time for yourself and engage in self discovery. Be gentle and loving with yourself in the process. Slow down and just be still. If feelings come up, let them move through you.  Don’t resist.  Emotions are our allies.

It is easier to look “out there” and judge, and complain, and be negative about life.  That takes no responsibility.  But the time is now. Know that you can change your life and attain inner peace by taking responsibility. You are perfectly imperfect!

Remember, when you remove the layers of “lies” that were placed upon you from others, you will uncover the pearl…Because you are love, you are loved…and I believe in you.

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