Kathleen McGinley, life coach, Soul healer, shamanic practitioner, teacher, author
Restoring connection to Self, Others and the Universe with love and power
Embrace your authenticity!
Discover your allies in nature
Experience Fem Power!
Experience heart rock healing "squared"


I’m Kathleen and I offer

to restore your connection to Self, Others and the Universe

with love and power



Kathleen embodies the Gifted Guide. Her loving presence, her deep wisdom, and her gentle direction allowed me to grow, expand, and change. My experience with Kathleen gave me tools for personal growth, perspective to examine my story, and insights into love that has blown me away.  Thank you!”

– Allison James, Author, Piercing the Sky


Go beyond the accepted reality to heal and discover your soul’s purpose with Kathleen McGinley, a holistic life strategies coach, shamanic practitioner, teacher, author, and founder of Heart Rock Healing.  Join the hundreds of other women and organizations who have used Kathleen’s gifts for transformation over the last ten years.

dreamtimeBe inspired as she uses a combination of modern and ancient healing practices in her individual sessions, workshops, and adventurous retreats that help you connect with Self, Spirit, others, and the natural world. Feel yourself being restored to balance and wholeness as she helps you heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

Serving as a mentor and healer for women, she will show you how you can live an authentic life in peace, power, passion and purpose! As she helps you transform to your TRUTH, you will discover your gifts that will assist in bringing healing, harmony, peace and respect for all of life.


Experience a new way of SEEING

and a new way of BEING to find out that…

you are MORE than you think you are,

capable of MORE than you realize,

and LOVED more than you know!

“We cannot be ourselves, unless we know ourselves.”- Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island


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