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I love this concept!

Watch my video which describes a concept used by an African tribe that “brings you back home to your true identity.” A powerful tool….

Not only does this tribe use this tool used during one’s transitions in life, but if a crime or anti-social behavior is committed, the tribe will surround the individual and sing his/her “song.”  They recognize that the correction is not punishment, but “love and memory of their true identity.”

Recognizing the power of this healing tool, Phoenix Adventures in Wellness is offering an opportunity for women to have their own personal ‘power song’ created while in community on Saturday, June 6!  This song will reflect one’s own true identity and serve as a reminder of our true essence and potential.

Emmy award winning song artist, Carly Comando, will be composing everyone’s personal ‘power song’ during the “Women’s Power Day” retreat at the Phoenix Adventures facility!

Deadline is approaching!  Don’t miss out!

Click here NOW for more details and registration!

Think about it…A day in nature with other like-minded women who are ready to go to the next level of their evolution…WOW! POWERFUL STUFF!

P.S. Hurry! Deadline is June 1! This is an opportunity that you may never have again…Click here NOW!


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