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Will’s Testimonial

Returning Home… Recently, I received this testimonial from a client who came for a Sacred Path Card reading. “I sat out back tonight wondering how I got here. Two months ago I was given a session with Kathleen by a friend. I went to my session with an open mind and an open heart. I

Wednesday Wisdom: Kokopelli 6/24/15

FERTILITY! The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week is Kokopelli.  Kokopelli was a Toltec who played the Indian flute which was said to bring fertility to the land and the People. His body on the Kachina dolls is shown with an erection to mark his maleness and fertility. It is said that

Wednesday Wisdom: Field of Plenty 6/3/15

Manifest Your Needs! This week’s Sacred Path Card for “Wednesday Wisdom” is “Field of Plenty.”  This card assures us that our needs/ideas will be met providing we give gratitude to Great Mystery in advance.  In addition, our request needs to be one that is not selfish but one that is beneficial to humanity. Native Americans

Wednesday Wisdom: Great Mystery 12/3/14

Great Mystery… Today’s Sacred Path Card , “Great Mystery,” is the Original Source of all Creation. According to the Native Americans,  it is a loving energy that lives in everything, is everything and knows no limits.  It is not an angry, judgmental “God.” We are created in that likeness which means we are co-creators.  We can,

Loving those Magic Moments

  I am sitting at my breakfast table, gazing out my large bay window and watching the birds assemble at the bird feeder in my backyard. It has become a daily morning routine, with me in my pajamas sipping my black coffee while reviewing my emails, writing blogs, and posting on Facebook. But this morning,

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