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Once in a Blue Moon…

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON… I often used the statement, “Once in a Blue Moon…” but never really understood what a blue moon was.  I knew to say it when I was referring to something that was rare, but didn’t stop to investigate if there was really such a thing. So, with this “blue moon”

Wednesday Wisdom: Healing 7/8/15

MEDICINE BOWL What needs to be healed? This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled was the Medicine Bowl. This was a tool for healing, commonly used by Seers, Shamans, and Dreamers of Native America.  Often carved from wood or turtle shell, they are used in the healing arts or for grinding herbs or mixing cures.

Wednesday Wisdom: Hour of Power 7/1/15

HOUR OF POWER Ritual of joy! The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week is the “Hour of Power” card.  It tells us to examine the time of day when we feel a connection with the world and with our internal timing.  Everyone is different so we need to find our own “powerful”

Wednesday Wisdom: Thunder-Beings 4/22/15

Where are you focusing your energy? The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ is the “Thunder-Beings” card. Thunder-beings are considered the “love call” of the Sky Nation that give energy to the Earth Mother. The electric energies from the lightening re-energize the Earth Mother with male energy from Father Sky.

Wednesday Wisdom: Standing People 3/18/15

STANDING PEOPLE Are you able to give without exhaustion? This week’s Sacred Path card that was selected for “Wednesday Wisdom” is Standing People.  The Standing People, the trees, are “givers” as they constantly provide for the needs of others.  Each tree has its own gift whether it is oxygen, fruit, nuts, and/or its ability to

Wednesday Wisdom: Burden Basket 2/4/15

Burden Basket Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? The Sacred Path card that was pulled for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is the “Burden Basket” card.  Native American women used these baskets for carrying wood, herbs, and other items to leave their hands free as they did their gathering. However, they

All of That

To Finn… May this be a reminder to you of just how special you are. Love, Machi  

Wednesday Wisdom: Healing! 11/19/14

HEALING!   Today’s Sacred Path Card, “Medicine Bowl,” is telling us that healing is on the horizon!  Healing can take place in any aspect of health, which includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. The good news is that, by pulling this card, you can be assured that it is happening. Healing takes place when

Halloween: An Opportunity in Disguise?

Are you willing to go into the shadows? Halloween can teach us a lot about ourselves. It is an opportunity to learn about our fears, our desires, and our willingness to explore them. Halloween is a holiday with many scenarios that incorporate the element of fear. You have probably invited this emotion into your life when you

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