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Weekly Wisdom: Dreamtime 3/31/16

Message from Machi Sacred Path Card:  Dreamtime It’s time to take off those rose-colored glasses and see with unlimited vision! Source: Jamie Sams, author of Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self through Native Teachings, Harper San Francisco, 1990. NOTE: Kathleen McGinley, aka “Machi,” channels Spirit using the Sacred Path Cards deck by Jamie Sams.

Wednesday Wisdom: Release! 3/2/2016

Give-Away Ceremony What are you willing to release? The Sacred Path Card that was chosen for this week’s “Wednesday Wisdom” is the Give-Away Ceremony card.  This is a Native American ritual that is a form of sharing by giving away useful or loved possessions.  It teaches non-attachment without regret. The Native Americans understand that when one

Wednesday Wisdom: Storyteller 2/9/16

EXPANSION! It’s time to tell your story… This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled for “Wednesday Wisdom” is the Storyteller card.  The Native Americans would tell stories so that the ancient teachings would travel through all the ages. The children of the future would learn lessons from the Storytellers and apply them to their own lives.

Wednesday Wisdom: Truth as Protection 12/30/15

ARROW   Truth as Protection Native Americans saw the value of the Arrow in its true form. The Arrow was quick to protect in crisis. The ability to bend the bow without breaking and send the Arrow of Truth into the world was symbolic of the balanced male/female within each Brave. This Sacred Path card

Wednesday Wisdom: East Shield 12/23/15

East Shield   Illumination and Clarity… This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled for “Wednesday Wisdom” is the “East Shield” card.  This is the place of illumination where Eagle lives.  When the Native Americans invited Eagle into their hearts, it led them to new levels of awareness and understanding. The East Shield offers clarity for those who

Wednesday Wisdom: Heyokah 12/16/15

Heyokah   Learning through laughter and opposites… This week’s Sacred Path Card reading for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Heyokah” card.  Heyokah is a contrary clown who holds total wisdom.  He is a Sacred Trickster and teaches one to learn through laughter.  He makes one think on her own and tests one’s beliefs from the past. All

Wednesday Wisdom: Pow Wow 11/25/15

POW WOW A Time of Sharing This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Pow-Wow” card.  This time of gathering was a “quickening” for the people.  It brought old friends together again where people shared stories of new methods of hunting, fishing, beading, making foods and remedies.  Dreams were discussed

Wednesday Wisdom: Kokopelli 11/18/15

  FERTILITY! The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week is Kokopelli.  Kokopelli was a Toltec who played the Indian flute which was said to bring fertility to the land and the People. His body on the Kachina dolls is shown with an erection to mark his maleness and fertility. It is said

Wednesday Wisdom: Power Place 11/4/15

Power Place Empowerment through Earth-Connection This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled for ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ is the Power Place card.  This card speaks of power places as areas where people feel a strong connection..  This varies for each individual. Upon visiting this spot, Earth Mother funds each person with energy, provides nurturing and solace.

Wednesday Wisdom: Advance! 10/28/15

WARBONNET It’s time to ADVANCE! The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week’s  “Wednesday Wisdom” is Warbonnet.  So…congratulations!  This card is telling you that you have earned the feathers of the Warbonneted Chief.Feathers are earned with past victories that have required you to have courage and strength. You have exhibited certain qualities and served as a

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