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Wednesday Wisdom: Respect 7/15/15

SACRED SPACE Respect This week’s Sacred Path Card that was pulled for “Wednesday Wisdom” is Sacred Space. This is an important philosophy of the Native Americans that reminds us that everything has a space that deserves respect.  We all have our own territory and we need to respect the territory of others, as well.  By doing

Wednesday Wisdom: Hour of Power 7/1/15

HOUR OF POWER Ritual of joy! The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week is the “Hour of Power” card.  It tells us to examine the time of day when we feel a connection with the world and with our internal timing.  Everyone is different so we need to find our own “powerful”

Wednesday Wisdom: Stone People 5/27/15

The Oldest Children of the Earth… This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Stone People” card.  The stones carry the records of all the ages.  By choosing this card, we are being told that a new understanding is coming our way. They will be our allies this week so it is

Wednesday Wisdom: Drum 5/20/15

Have you lost your internal timing? This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled is the DRUM card…This suggests that our rhythm is “off.”  This happens because we get so caught up with “doing” as opposed to “being.” We often keep pushing so hard, with the mindset that we have to work “hard and long”

Wednesday Wisdom: Truth as Protection 5/6/15

ARROW Ask yourself, “Why?” Native Americans saw the value of the Arrow in its true form. The Arrow was quick to protect in crisis. The ability to bend the bow without breaking and send the Arrow of Truth into the world was symbolic of the balanced male/female within each Brave. This Sacred Path card asks

Wednesday Wisdom: Hour of Power 4/15/15

Ritual of Joy The Sacred Path Card that was pulled for this week’s “Wednesday Wisdom” is the Hour of Power card.  This speaks to us of recognizing the time of day when we feel most powerful.  This could equate to feeling happier, more productive, courageous, and balanced.  Allow this Hour of Power to nourish your

Wednesday Wisdom: Standing People 3/18/15

STANDING PEOPLE Are you able to give without exhaustion? This week’s Sacred Path card that was selected for “Wednesday Wisdom” is Standing People.  The Standing People, the trees, are “givers” as they constantly provide for the needs of others.  Each tree has its own gift whether it is oxygen, fruit, nuts, and/or its ability to

Wednesday Wisdom: Shawl 3/11/15

Taking the Shawl It’s time to return home… The timing of the Shawl card couldn’t be better.  I know, that for me, this winter has created a feeling of “disconnect.” Unwilling, and sometimes unable, to go outside due to the freezing temperatures and piles of snow, has placed me in a temporary state of “I.”

Wednesday Wisdom: Burden Basket 2/4/15

Burden Basket Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? The Sacred Path card that was pulled for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is the “Burden Basket” card.  Native American women used these baskets for carrying wood, herbs, and other items to leave their hands free as they did their gathering. However, they

Wednesday Wisdom: Internal Timing 1/14/15

DRUM Is your internal timing off?  Today’s Sacred Path Card, Drum, indicates that we may be ‘out of sync’. Sometimes our desire to accomplish too much causes us to push so hard, we lose our rhythm and feel “out of sorts.” We can be overloaded with thoughts and emotions, resulting in a misalignment with the energy of

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