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Weekly Wisdom: Ritual of Joy! 4/6/16

Message from Machi Sacred Path Card:  Hour of Power Feeling stressed?  Do what gives your heart the greatest joy! Source: Jamie Sams, author of Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self through Native Teachings, Harper San Francisco, 1990. NOTE: Kathleen McGinley, aka “Machi,” channels Spirit using the Sacred Path Cards deck by Jamie Sams. She

Wednesday Wisdom: Heyokah 2/24/16

Heyokah Learning through laughter and opposites…   This week’s Sacred Path Card reading for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Heyokah” card.  Heyokah is a contrary clown who holds total wisdom.  He is a Sacred Trickster and teaches one to learn through laughter.  He makes one think on her own and tests one’s beliefs from the past. All

Endings and New Beginnings…A Challenging Time

Saying “Goodbye” We all experience times of change in our lives.  Some are easy and some, challenging.  Some of us resist change while others can “go with the flow.”  However, change always benefits us in some manner.  It stretches us by moving us out of our comfort zone.  It allows us to grow, regardless of

Wednesday Wisdom: Drum 5/20/15

Have you lost your internal timing? This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled is the DRUM card…This suggests that our rhythm is “off.”  This happens because we get so caught up with “doing” as opposed to “being.” We often keep pushing so hard, with the mindset that we have to work “hard and long”

Wednesday Wisdom: Standing People 3/18/15

STANDING PEOPLE Are you able to give without exhaustion? This week’s Sacred Path card that was selected for “Wednesday Wisdom” is Standing People.  The Standing People, the trees, are “givers” as they constantly provide for the needs of others.  Each tree has its own gift whether it is oxygen, fruit, nuts, and/or its ability to

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