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Emerging from the Rock…

snake under the rock

…with my new skin

This past year has been a huge transitional year for me with many endings and new beginnings.  I had become a grandmother (Machi) to my adorable grandson, Finn. Diane and I had sold our 1850’s farmhouse, moved to an apartment while our new house was being built, and then moved again to our new home in Lewes, Delaware. In addition, I had been continuing my own inner “work”, expanding more into my shamanic role as a healer and Earth Magic practitioner.

With the many changes that had taken place, my focus had not been on creating new adventures with my business. I felt like a snake, shedding many things that had been a part of my life for a long time. I had only ever lived in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and now, I am in a new state, literally, and figuratively…


IMG_20151114_165949432Moving into our new home has required me to fulfill many obligations. I decided not to schedule any workshops or retreats, not only because I was busy with new responsibilities, but because I had to start the process of dissolving my LLC in PA…Phoenix Adventures in Wellness, LLC can no longer exist because I no longer live in Pennsylvania.

Releasing my business in PA is part of shedding my old skin.  Ten years of it in the making made it difficult. Like a snake, I had to consciously feel the pain, like a snake rubbing against a rock to make it tear…and let it fall off as I continued to slither along.

When I arrived in Lewes, I somehow knew that my business was going to “morph” into something more, something better…But I didn’t know what or how. I felt like I was now in “hiding”, like a snake under a rock, waiting for my new skin to grow. The feeling was strange, annoying and uncomfortable to say the least. I had to “let go” as I knew that the answers would come with time.

IMG_20151022_155611257Fortunately, Lewes, Delaware has a plethora of beaches and parks that offered me places to be “still.”  It was essential for me to slow down and listen to the messages from the Universe that would give me the answers that I sought.

And, now, I feel like I am emerging from the rock. There is a sense of direction with a feeling of excitement. Changes to Phoenix Adventures are in the making…Even with a possible name change…


As this new skin grows thicker and stronger, I will share with you the details and new programs that I will be offering.

I hope you will continue to stay tuned as I KNOW, as a shaman, that you are “following” me for a reason…

Let’s find out why…


Kathleen (aka Machi)

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