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Dear Woman of Wisdom,

It would be an honor to invite your beautiful, feminine soul to a monthly gathering with other positive, like- minded women who can provide love and support for each other as we continue on our sacred paths. This circle will allow for our voices to be heard as we share our gifts of intuitive wisdom. By doing so, we can learn from each other’s successes and use this wisdom to shine our lights, expanding to the next level of our evolution.

As our circle grows, we will be spreading our wisdom that is so badly needed in today’s world. Meeting monthly on a regular basis at the Phoenix Adventures facility at 4840 Beck Road in Emmaus from 7:00-9:00 PM will be most beneficial to get the momentum going as we explore pre-selected topics from Native American teachings from the Sacred Path Cards deck/book by Jamie Sams. Kathleen McGinley, a channel and shamanic practitioner, will give a brief description about “Storyteller,” the card selected for our next meeting on May 31.  After the description, a talking stick will be passed around to give each woman an opportunity to share what this card means to her. There will be no “crosstalk” nor judgement in the circle…rather, it will a safe place to be who we are.

A minimum of a $10 love offering is requested. Feel free to bring snacks and a beverage of your choice for our socialization time after the discussion. Dress accordingly because, as weather permits, we will be in circle around the council fire. Gatherings will be held in the renovated 1850’s barn if there is inclement weather.

Subsequent dates for our “life talks” will be determined at each meeting. Our “wise women” community has been by invitation only for the last two years but we are opening it now to any woman who feels “called” to become part of this tribe.

Please RSVP at least 3 days prior by contacting Kathleen McGinley at or 610-966-9668. Please mention if you are bringing any guests.

“What would happen if women ruled the world? Well, there would be collaboration, not competition. There would be communication, not secrecy. There would be caring, not insensitivity. There would be love, not fear. There would be humility, not arrogance. There would be community, not separation. There would be peace, not war.”-Dee Dee Myers

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