Women’s Power Day!



Saturday, June 6, 2015

9:00 am-4:00 pm  

Phoenix Adventures in Wellness facility, Emmaus, PA



“Kathleen embodies the Gifted Guide. Her loving presence, her deep wisdom, and her gentle direction allowed me to grow, expand, and change. My experience with Kathleen gave me tools for personal growth, perspective to examine my story, and insights into love that has blown me away. Thank you!”

-Allison James, Author, Piercing the Sky


Experience the essential elements for transformation into the powerful YOU!

Spend an empowering and inspirational day with other women who are ready to let go of the past, step into their power, and learn the next set of life’s mysteries

barn 2Spend a day out in nature on the beautiful, tranquil grounds of Phoenix Adventures in Wellness in Emmaus, PA. Whether you engage in activities in the quaint, renovated 1850 barn or on the lovely acre of gardens and mature trees, your experience will be magical. 

Women’s Power Day was created to bring like-minded women together who are seeking to discover that they are more powerful than they think they are! Whether you are a ‘newbie’ to holistic wellness or one who has been seeking for many years, this workshop is for you.


kathleen WP - Copy Kathleen McGinley, holistic life coach and shamanic practitioner, will:

-engage you in fun, gentle and empowering activities with each other

-pull a Sacred Path Card for you with your personal message

-facilitate a shamanic ‘journey’ where you will meet your power animal

-engage you in an experience in nature where you will meet your allies

carlycommandoPhoenix Adventures is excited to introduce guest facilitator, Carly Comando, an Emmy award winning pianist, who will read your energy and compose a powerful instrumental piece with your own personal mantra. With  love and care, she will channel that energy into a power song tailored specifically for you.  You will receive a recording of your song that will have the vibrational energy for you to help heal your past.

Listen to samples of Carly’s incredible compositions on Downwrite including “Everyday,” her piano piece that has almost 4 million views on YouTube!


The World Needs You!

This is a time when women are being called to step into their power.  The world needs your wisdom.  We all are here with unique talents and gifts to help this world become a better place.  If you have an inner knowing that there is more to you and life than what you are presently experiencing and are ready to take the next step, then this workshop is for you! Don’t hesitate…Register now!

This experience will transform you into a new way of being!

The Women’s Power Day workshop will engage you in thought-provoking, fun, and unique activities that will take place in the quaint barn as well as on the magical grounds.

Kathleen will guide you in exercises to help you:

  • receive clarity on core issues that keep you from stepping into your power
  • banish them from your life with a fire ceremony
  • develop a deeper loving connection to your spirit, others, and the world around you

Here’s a short video where Kathleen explains why she feels you need to come to this event!

Carly will meet with each of you individually prior to her composition of your customized song and mantra. Your power song will help you:

  • re-wire your thoughts as you daily listen to it’s affirming mantra
  • put you in harmony with creation
  • balance the two hemispheres of the brain

For more information on the The Spiritual Significance of Music, read this article by Simon Heather by clicking here.

A healthy, delicious lunch with a vegetarian option is included.  It will be served and catered by Dina Valentini of My Grandmother’s Table .  This is an experience in itself!

The value of this event is incredible.  This full day workshop that includes:

  • fun, empowering activities
  • a beautiful, tranquil setting
  • an amazing lunch, and
  • your own customized piano piece by an Emmy Award winning song artist

      is worth well over $300!  

But, because it is so important for us to show you that

  1. you are more than you think you are and
  2. the world needs your wisdom,

    the price is only $117! 

IMG_20150509_192110797 (1)

 Treat yourself to a day away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Establish deeper connections with yourself, others and the world around you…

You  will leave this workshop with a new understanding that you can create the life you want!  Know that you are part of the solution!


Register for a day that will kick you in the butt so that you will wake up and claim who you are!

You deserve it!  And you will be glad you did.

Deadline to register is June 1.  In order for Carly to meet with everyone for their power song, there will be a limit to the number of participants in this workshop….So, register NOW so you don’t miss out!

Fill out the registration form by clicking here and then return to this page for payment instructions.

Payment can be by cash, check, or Paypal below.

If paying by check, make check payable to:

Phoenix Adventures in Wellness, LLC

Mailing address: 4840 Beck Road, Emmaus, PA 18049

If you have a PayPal account, you can simply transfer $117.00 to the Phoenix Adventures account with the email address, bewell@ptd.net

Or, if you do not have a PayPal account, simply click below.


Make sure you remember to:

1)  Fill out the registration form

2)  Send payment

3)  Come with an open mind and an open heart


“We cannot be ourselves, unless we know ourselves.”- Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island

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