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I am sitting at my breakfast table, gazing out my large bay window and watching the birds assemble at the bird feeder in my backyard. It has become a daily morning routine, with me in my pajamas sipping my black coffee while reviewing my emails, writing blogs, and posting on Facebook.

But this morning, as I was looking toward the window, my eyes went to the area inside the window, where sits my 2014 “SoulPrint” Vision Board. Two words popped out at me as if in 3D…”Magic Moments.”IMG_20141122_093322_605-1 Immediately, I started to think of some of those magical moments from this year. My quick review of the past made me smile and the gratitude I felt was incredible.

I love magic moments. Everybody has them but many people call them “coincidences.” But for me, there are no coincidences. When I pay attention to these moments, I can actually see how I was a participant in their creation.

Years ago, I remember when I used to be very externally referenced and was not conscious of my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If something unexplainable happened, I saw it as a coincidence. It was a time when I felt alone in the Universe, and had a belief that things happened “to me.” And then, upon experiencing a relationship crisis in my life, I courageously started to look within, released the “victim” mentality, and recognized how my thoughts had created my reality. My experiences were a result of what I believed and deserved. I realized that I was a co-creator of my life, and by becoming conscious, I could manifest what I needed.

So when reviewing 2014, I recalled that one of my most amazing “magic moments” was when I was facilitating the “SoulSpeak by the Sea” retreat in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey in September. Prior to the event, I got my Sacred Path Cards and asked the Universe for some guidance for the retreat. I pulled the “Counting Coup” card which is about victory. As a last minute thought, I felt it would be a great idea for the ladies to get a “coup stick or staff” when I sent them on a mini vision quest in the woods. After the quest, we would go back and decorate the sticks with various items that would symbolize the victories that we were experiencing in our lives. In addition, I thought it would be awesome if I could find a “scalplock” to hang from their Coup sticks. Scalplocks were the braided hair that the warriors would cut from their enemies to strip them of their Medicine, or power over them.

I spent an hour on Google, trying to find inexpensive, replicated scalplocks but discovered that they would not get here in time. One website had the delivery time on Saturday, the day of my “vision quest” in Atlantic Highlands, but it was too chancy so I bagged the idea. And, when I thought about it, although I liked the idea, it might have been too creepy for the ladies.

Fast forward…the retreat starts. On Saturday, we went into Hartshorne Woods Park where the ladies spent the afternoon journaling in solitudeIMG_20141123_093058_059 as part of their vision quest. We then returned to our luxurious rental home on the bay and the ladies went inside to decorate their coup sticks that they found on their quest. As I went back to the expansive, stone driveway to get an item out of my car, I looked down, and at my feet was a black, braided, “scalplock.” It was actually a braided extension from someone’s hair, and it was exactly what I had been looking for. It did not belong to anyone on the retreat and the home was owned by a man. I had no idea where it came from; nobody knew of my prior intention of wanting “scalplocks.” Finding it on this huge stone driveway on Saturday was confirmation that the Universe delivered what I had asked for. I hung it on my coup stick and just smiled with gratitude for my gift.

When you become conscious of what you need, providing it is in alignment with your personal or professional purpose, you can manifest your desires. You just need to:
1) “ask” for want you want
2) trust and believe 100% that your request will manifest
3) express gratitude to the Universe in advance
4) visualize the outcome
5) feel the emotion as if you already have it

After that, you just need to “let go.” If you try to control everything and make it happen, your own fearful, doubting energy can get in the way. The Universe works in mysterious ways, placing the perfect people, places and things on your path. You don’t have to know the “how” ….that’s the job of the Universe. If your request doesn’t happen, you will learn, often in hindsight, the reason it did not manifest or that it was not the right time yet. When you learn to take responsibility for your life and commit to becoming a co-creator with the Universe, life becomes full of “magic moments.” And how fun is that!

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