IMAG0962-1 (1)Kathleen provides many different services, all of them offering physically and emotionally safe opportunities in self-discovery so that one can live in peace and authenticity. Conflict, struggle, and sometimes illness arise when one is not in alignment with her truth. As a life coach and shamanic practitioner, she compassionately guides each woman into remembering that she is love and she is loved.

Throughout our lives, we have received feedback and messages from our families, friends, teachers, churches, and society that have created imprints in our minds. Many of these messages are stored as limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of. As a result, many of us are living our lives on automatic pilot, conforming to what is expected of us as opposed to discovering and embracing our uniqueness.
PA logo 1 kate updateKathleen McGinley has identified essential components that can help you transform as you become conscious of the illusion that keeps you from embracing your true essence and potential. Based on her belief that we are spiritual beings living in temporary physical bodies, she incorporates heart-centered philosophies and shamanic practices in her services that are based on creating loving relationships to one’s self, others, and the Universe. For example, she uses “dragonfly medicine,” to remove the illusion of who you think you are to finding out that you are more. Her life coaching, card readings, workshops and retreats help you shift your consciousness and connect with the “unseen world” so that you can co-create the life you want.

  • Life coaching, shamanic treatments, and Sacred Path card readings are offered in person, locally in Lewes, Delaware as well as by phone or Skype.
  • Workshops and seminars can also be conducted in other areas of the country for groups and organizations. Contact Kathleen, if interested.
  • Retreats are offered locally in the beachtown of Lewes, Delaware.  Previous destinations have included Hawaii, Peru, California, Utah, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, and will continue to expand to other sacred and exotic locations.

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