Individual Heart Rock Healing Sessions


Ask yourself:

 Are you recovering from a relationship breakup, job loss or other crisis?
• Do you feel powerless at times?
• Are you ready to re-invent yourself and learn how to create the life you want and deserve?
• Are you ready to let go of the struggle?
• Do you feel there is more to life than what you are presently experiencing?
• Are you open to going beyond the accepted reality?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then congratulations!
You are ready to transform into a new way of BEING….
You are now ready to answer your “soul call” and discover the opportunity in disguise with Heart Rock Healing

Let Kathleen McGinley, certified Holistic Life Strategies Coach and certified “Earth Magic” practitioner, help you create the life you want and deserve with a customized program!

Customized Personal Intensive Program:

Heart Rock Healing will help you:
• discover that you are more than you think you are
• live authentically in love with Self
• restore connection to nature and Spirit
• deepen your relationships with others
• become self-reliant
• co-create peace, power, passion, purpose and prosperity in your life

“If you are not happy with your life, let me safely and compassionately help you create the life you want…”- Kathleen McGinley


Shortly after a “Heart Rock Healing session ,” Kathleen received this testimonial:

“I’ve been trying to place this feeling I have had for the past two days, trying to make sense of it. It’s like pure joy running through my veins. Kathy told me it may take up to three days for me to feel the change. Oh, I feel it. I’m a writer, but putting this into words feels beyond me. I have to try.
I spent my life standing in the shadow of other people’s fear, anger and beliefs. This is the first time I have felt the essence of pure joy, pure love without attachment. It’s the first time I’ve felt the essence of me. It was there when I was young, hiding from the fear, anger and judgement of my family. It played around with coming out when I was in my 20’s. The day I got married, this part of me sadly packed her bags and left, knowing she could not exist in the depths of my husband’s anger and hostility.
She’s back. And it’s sometimes overwhelming, but it’s a good overwhelming. I feel like my home base is coming from a place of vulnerability and love without attachment, like it’s my norm now instead of a place I strive for and sometimes reach.
I planted a seed once that yielded a crop beyond my wildest dreams. I did it from a place of love and vulnerability to help a friend. I could have never imagined the beautiful love story it would grow into. My love story. I realize that when I consciously plant seeds from this place of love and vulnerability, the universe is working with me, and synchronicities happen that can’t be put into words or explained. These are the seeds I want to plant, consciously, with intent, not just for me, but for the world.
I missed the essence of me. Thanks for bringing her back.”
– Tina S., Richmond, VA


What takes place in the sessions?

Kathleen McGinley has a passion to support women who are ready to re-invent themselves by dissolving the barriers that block them from recognizing their powerful Self and embracing their heart’s truth. She provides compassionate mentoring for those who are ready to answer their “soul call,” a time when the Universe presents a
crisis, or an opportunity, for individuals to reveal their authentic selves.

Coaching is a partnership between the client and Kathleen, where goals are mutually agreed upon. Kathleen will begin the consultation with a Sacred Path Card reading to receive information from her guides. With an understanding that mind, body and spirit are inseparable, Kathleen incorporates holistic dialogue, shamanic treatments, written assignments, and experiential activities in nature into the customized program. She guides each woman in her process of self -discovery, supporting her as she releases the obstacles that prevent her from recognizing the incredible beauty and power that lie within.

Kathleen is an empath, possessing an ability to feel what others are feeling while providing an
environment of compassion and understanding. Her loving presence gives each woman a sense of
personal safety and the ability to trust. She can “read” the soul of others, intuitively knowing what it is
that they need to do to heal and align with their true selves. Her wisdom is a result of her own healing
from adversities which led to an enlightened connection with Spirit.



A customized coaching package will be created to be in alignment with your goals of healing, mentoring, or both.  This program requires a 12 week commitment with six, 60-90 minute sessions scheduled approximately every two weeks. Periodic emails and coaching assignments will be part of the self-development package.  Coaching sessions can be done in person, by Skype or by phone.

SPRING SPECIAL!  Regularly $600…NOW $500

Contact Kathleen today to schedule a free, 15 minute, no obligation consultation  at  610-597-4767


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