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What change are you experiencing?

The Sacred Path Card chosen for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom is “Rites of Passage.”  The Native Americans honored all changes that took place from birth until they passed on from life into the Spirit World.  They were different for each individual.  Examples of Rites of Passage include rituals for boys stepping into manhood, girls coming into womanhood with her Moontime, dating, marriage, childbearing, and “dropping the robe” as they pass onto the Blue Road of Spirit.  Regardless, each Rite of Passage is celebrated as part of the Medicine Wheel of life-cycles.IMG_20150812_203729433

We are being asked to note the change that is occurring as it will shape our future.  Sometimes small and gradual, sometimes earth shaking, but it is benefiting our growth in some manner.


Watch this video for some tips on how to experience your transition with less resistance.

Recently, I have experienced major change with my “move” from my beautiful property.  It was difficult but I learned a lot in the process.  To read about it, click here. 

For those who do not feel magic and spontaneity in life, this card suggests that change is needed.  You are totally responsible for all your joys and all your pain.  If you do not like what you are presently experiencing, make the decision to change the doldrums to excitement.  If you recreate the moment , you will have initiated your own Rite of Passage.




Credit: Jamie Sams, author of Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self through Native Teachings, Harper San Francisco, 1990.
NOTE: Kathleen McGinley, aka “Machi,” channels Spirit using the Sacred Path Cards deck by Jamie Sams. She offers “Sacred Path Card readings” for individuals who are seeking guidance in any area of their lives. Click here for more information.


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