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The Oldest Children of the Earth…

This week’s Sacred Path card that was pulled for Wednesday Wisdom is the “Stone People” card.  The stones carry the records of all the ages.  By choosing this card, we are being told that a new understanding is coming our way. They will be our allies this week so it is important to have an open mind and take the time to connect with the “oldest children of the Earth.”

IMG_20150527_095308001_HDRStones have been used over the centuries for healing purposes.  Different minerals can assist us as they collect energy and hold it for later use. Its magnetic quality makes it possible for the Stone People to be our Teachers as they record all that occurs on the Earth.

For example, clear quartz crystals are often used for focus and clarity.  It helps the seeker remove the physical illusion and magnify the truth of the situation. Healers will use these stones to amplify their energy.


Go out in nature this week and see what stone is “calling” to you.  Pick it up and know that it has a lesson for us. Ask a question, look at the markings on the stone, use your intuition to interpret what that means for you, and you will receive its message. Or, if you are stressed out, simply hold it in your left hand, breathe, and feel yourself getting grounded.

These ancient friends are here to help us.  We just need to stop and listen…



Credit: Jamie Sams, author of Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self through Native Teachings, Harper San Francisco, 1990.
NOTE: Kathleen McGinley, aka “Soul Healer,” channels Spirit using the Sacred Path Cards deck by Jamie Sams. She offers “Sacred Path Card readings” for individuals who are seeking guidance in any area of their lives. Click here for more information.


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