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Where are you focusing your energy?


The Sacred Path Card  that was pulled for this week’s ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ is the “Thunder-Beings” card. Thunder-beings are considered the “love call” of the Sky Nation that give energy to the Earth Mother. The electric energies from the lightening re-energize the Earth Mother with male energy from Father Sky.  This lovemaking can help cleanse our fears, release things that no longer serve us, give us courage and fund us the energy we need for any task we have in mind.

thunder beings cardI also pulled this card last month on a retreat in Costa Rica. Later that evening, a storm rolled in and there was an incredible display of thunder and lightening. The energies were palpable and I could feel the balancing of my female and male side being restored. The following day became a day of releasing emotions that had been stored away, not only for me, but for everyone.  Tears flowed and  it was very freeing. I know that the energies of the Thunder-beings assisted us in cultivating this area of personal growth.

This card has a teaching that asks us to reflect on where we are focusing our energy.  Often, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are in areas that are a “waste” of energy. Are you on automatic pilot, fulfilling obligations, duties and responsibilities without any time for family, friends, or yourself?  Are you distracting yourself with addictions, compulsions, and other things “out there” to keep you from focusing on what’s really important?  Is your attention focused on pleasing others, getting other people’s approval and “fitting in” instead of taking the time for self reflection to discover and embrace your uniqueness?

This is a great time to reflect on your values.   If you were to die tomorrow, would you have any regrets? Take time to ask the Universe to help fund you the energy you need to attain the goals, dreams and desires you have while remaining in alignment with your truth.

And, if there is something that you have been trying to “get going” and haven’t been able to, this card signals relief.  The Thunder-beings will fund you all the energy you need at this time.  You just have to shout it out to the Sky Nation and give gratitude in advance.  Take time to reflect on where you want this usable energy to be funded and see your body as the lightening rod.  And don’t forget to replenish the energy you expend!

So get ready to “get going!”



Credit: Jamie Sams, author of Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self through Native Teachings, Harper San Francisco, 1990.
NOTE: Kathleen McGinley, aka “Soul Healer,” channels Spirit using the Sacred Path Cards deck by Jamie Sams. She offers “Sacred Path Card readings” for individuals who are seeking guidance in any area of their lives. Click here for more information.

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